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Durable, Beautiful Garage Floor Coatings & Garage Storage Services in Houston, TX

Do you have an outdated garage that is messy and disorganized? For many homeowners, this is where they enter the house, park the car, work on projects, store tools, keep yard decor or sometimes all of these things at once. No wonder it is so hard to keep this space tidy and functional. But you can make this worry a thing of the past with Hello Garage of The Woodlands!

We are the Houston area's trusted garage renovation company, offering great-looking, durable and patented remodeling products. That includes granite-like garage floor coating, customizable garage storage systems and innovative garage organization accessories.

Our Garage Makeover Services:

  • Garage Floor Coating: The granite-like SparTek™ Floor Coating System is durable and comes in many colors to match your style — and we install it in about a day!
  • Garage Storage: We professionally install beautiful and customizable garage storage solutions with commercial-grade durability.
  • Garage Organization Accessories: We provide many innovative garage organization accessories, including cut-to-fit slatwall, track systems, hooks, loops and more.

Call 1-844-490-1142 or fill out the contact form to schedule a design consultation and a free garage remodeling estimate to learn more. We proudly serve Houston and nearby areas in Harris County.

Durable, Granite-Like Polyaspartic Floor Coating in Houston

The garage is a heavy-traffic area taking daily abuse from hot tire pickup, dirty shoes, heavy storage boxes and more. While epoxy garage floor coatings are popular among homeowners, this option is prone to flaking, yellowing, staining and damage. That is why Hello Garage of The Woodlands offers a durable, beautiful epoxy alternative with the SparTek Floor Coating System.

This polyaspartic floor coating system beats other floor paints in every category, offering industrial-strength durability and coming in many colors to match your style. Other benefits include:

  • High abrasion and chemical-resistant
  • Peel and flake-resistant
  • Withstands hot tire pickup, chemicals and UV rays
  • Fade-resistant to look better for longer
  • Available in a variety of beautiful colors
  • Professionally installed in about 24 hours

Customizable Garage Storage System in Houston

Do you use your garage as a home gym, workstation, storage space or to fix your car? At Hello Garage of The Woodlands, we know the right garage storage system can help you create the most functional, versatile space to fit your needs. That is why we offer an industrial-strength, modular system, complete with heavy-duty overhead storage that can support up to 500 pounds! Plus, each of our garage storage options can support up to 300 pounds, including:

  • Garage shelving
  • Garage cabinets
  • Workbench
  • Drop zone
  • And more!

It’s time to reimagine your garage with Hello Garage of The Woodlands. Get in touch today at 1-844-490-1142 or simply click below to schedule your free garage remodeling consultation in Houston, TX and nearby in Harris County.

Job Stories From Houston, TX
Houston, TX Garage Organization

Amanda's garage became the junk drawer of her home in Houston, TX. So, she contacted Hello Garage of The Woodlands to view our line of commercial-grade storage and flooring solutions. Our Dream Team installed a floating shelf storage system, a custom Slatwall with hooks and a Pewter polyaspartic floor coating. Start working with our Garage Gurus by scheduling a free consultation!

Durable Polyaspartic Garage Floor In Houston, TX

Hello Garage of The Woodlands specializes in flooring solutions that bring life back to your garage. Jeff consulted with our Garage Gurus to design the garage he had longed for in Houston, TX. We installed a durable polyaspartic flooring system in Marshmallow Cream. Schedule a free consultation with us today and discover all the possibilities for your garage!

Give Your Garage More Usable Space In Houston, TX

Hello Garage of The Woodlands provides homeowners with storage solutions to organize their home's garage. Homeowners in Houston, TX needed a solution to help make their garage more functional. We installed overhead storage to lift their storage items off the floor, giving their garage more usable space. Discover the perfect solutions for your home by scheduling a free consultation!

Commercial Grade Flooring Solution In Houston, TX

Homeowners in Houston, TX were improving the look of their garage. They contacted Hello Garage of The Woodlands and our team impressed them with our polyaspartic flooring solution. We coated their garage floor with our commercial-grade solution and left their garage looking brand new. Schedule a free consultation today!

Patio Floor Upgrade In Houston, TX

Houston, TX customer wanted us to upgrade her concrete sidewalk and apron to make it into a patio area. Hello Garage of The Woodlands offers a 100% polyaspartic solution that gives your concrete spaces an elevated appearance. We installed her polyaspartic solution in our exclusive color and transformed their space. Contact us today and schedule your free, no-obligation consultation!

Exclusive Garage Floor Colors In Houston, TX

Noel contacted Hello Garage of The Woodlands to improve the look of her garage in Houston, TX. As a result, our Dream Team installed a beautiful polyaspartic floor in our exclusive color. Discover all our available options by scheduling a free consultation! 

Floor Coating in Houston, TX

Our Garage Guru met with homeowners in Houston, TX, for an estimate on a custom project. These homeowners had a covered patio that they considered getting a floor coating on. Currently, the concrete is bare. So we made a custom plan for the space that they loved! We came in and installed the coating in one day!

Complete Garage Transformation In Houston, TX

Our Garage Gurus sat with homeowners in Houston, TX, for a free consultation to design the garage of their dreams. First, we installed overhead storage and shelving for organizing their garage. Then we removed their old, peeling garage floor and replaced it with polyaspartic flooring in the color Cotton Candy. So start designing your dream garage by scheduling a free estimate today!

Organization And Garage Appeal In Houston, TX

Organization and appeal were essential to Houston, TX homeowners. They contacted our Garage Gurus for a free consultation in hopes of upgrading their garage. As a result, we installed storage shelves and a polyaspartic garage floor coating in the color Mint Chip. This exclusive coating color coordinates perfectly with warm and cool tones and is only offered by Hello Garage of The Woodlands. Contact us today to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation. 

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